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It’s been a month since I updated my blog. In my defense, it’s a busy time. Two small children, a full-time job and a first novel coming out do not leave a lot of time for anything else. Plus I got sick, as did my whole family. So much vomit.

Apart from that, being an official ‘published author’ has been seriously fun. I got to be a part of Word on the Street and have a wonderful book launch at Bakka Phoenix. Reviews on my book have (so far) been positive. Phew!

I got a particularly lovely one from CM: Canadian Review of Materials, which gave it 4/4 stars and said:

Blair is able to explore the ramifications of domestic biological warfare and make it appealing to a young audience by adding parental conflict, romance, suspense and a striking contrast between the clinical world of privilege and the gritty, desolate landscape of the criminal community. In Transferral, Blair subtly captures her audience with the ingenuity of her dystopian vision and then sweeps readers away as she raises the stakes again and again. As the novel approaches its climax, readers will find themselves madly flipping pages to find out the fate of a nation. Highly Recommended.

I also took part in Tales from the Black at Bad Dog Theatre. It’s wonderful new monthly night where people tell ‘true’ sci-fi/fantasy/horror stories. So I told one from the point of view of a campaigns coordinator for the National Law Party in Transferral. It was all a bit terrifying for me, especially because it meant memorizing a ten minute story and speaking as if I were that character addressing a group of volunteers. I am not an actor, but the musical accompaniment from Nick Di Gaetano helped me get into the feel of it all. I was on last, and before me there were fantastic stories from Colin Munch, Jamie O’Connor, Jon Blair and Jocelyn Geddie. It will become a podcast at some point, and I’ll share that once it is. I’m planning to go again when I’m not on stage, so I can relax and enjoy the night properly. And I’ll certainly perform there again at some point. The next one is December 4th.

I’m also most of the way through a blog tour for Transferral. You can read guest posts, interviews and reviews at Brains, Books and Brawn, Books at Dawn, Workaday Reads Midnight Bloom Reads, Bookish Notions, And Lost in a Great Book.

Transferral is also now available as an ebook from Amazon and Chapters/Indigo.

Right. Now back to my sickbed.

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