Transferral Book Launch!

I’m so excited to announce my official book launch. This is all really happening!


It will be on October 3rd, at 3pm at Bakka-Phoenix Books. I love Bakka-Phoenix. It’s not far from my work, so I often pop in on lunch. I want almost everything in the shore.

I was there about a week ago to pick up the last Discworld novel – The Shepherd’s Crown.  Bakka-Phoenix was a good place to pick it up. A regular book store might have thought I was a bit weird for tearing up over Terry Pratchett, but the good people at Bakka-Phoenix had tissues and were right there with me, emotionally speaking.

I still haven’t been able to start reading it. Because when it’s done, there is no more Discworld. I’m not ready for that.

But – back to happier stuff! Please come to my launch. It is amazing to finally be at this point, and I would really appreciate your support (you can buy a signed copy of Transferral, if you want, but it would be lovely to see you either way).

There’s a Facebook event or you can RSVP to

Thank you so much, and I look forward to seeing you there!

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