Sunburst and Tangled Planet

Transferral has been longlisted for the Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic. So exciting to be nominated! Especially since I’m once again in great company – there are books by several of my friends there –  Lena Coakley with the wonderful Worlds of Ink and Shadow, Marina Cohen’s creepy  The Inn Between, and Ian Donald Keeling’s action-packed The Skids, are all also nominated in the young adult category, and Jay Hosking’s fascinating Three Years With the Rat is nominated in the adult category.

And my next book – Tangled Planet – is coming out in the fall with the wonderful people at DCB! My lovely agent, Lydia Moed, described it as “A tense, compelling read that combines the big ideas of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Aurora with the pace and intrigue of The 100.” Here’s a brief description:

After 400 years, the starship Venture has arrived at its destination: Beta Earth, pristine and uninhabited. But after generations of living on their dilapidated starship, 17-year-old engineer Ursa and her crewmates are not prepared for the rigors of colonization. Deadly accidents and unexpected hardships threaten to tear the group apart. Then Ursa discovers something lurking in the overgrown alien forests of their new home. Something that shouldn’t be there. Something that’s killing the colonists, one by one.

Ursa needs to convince her crewmates to return to the safety of the Venture, but when she tries to tell them about the creature she saw, they assume she’s lost her mind – or worse, that she’s committing the murders herself. As conflict threatens to tear the crew apart and evidence of a conspiracy comes to light, Ursa doesn’t know who she can trust. But if she can’t find out what’s going on in the forests of Beta Earth and in the patched and worn corridors of her starship home, her fragile society won’t survive.

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