Reviews for The Magpie’s Library

I am once again very late in updating this site. To be fair, I do have a full-time job and two small children, and I just finished the second draft of my next manuscript, as well as working on other exciting things that may or may not come to anything in the long run.

So my poor website got ignored until now (better that than the children), and this will just be a quick post to make excuses and highlight the main reviews for The Magpie’s Library.

As well as the Quill and Quire review I’ve already mentioned, the Canadian Review of Materials gave it 5/5 stars, saying;

The Magpie’s Library is an empowering story about dealing head-on with the curves life throws at you and emerging whole on the other side.

I also got my first ever Kirkus review – and they said;

The action is fast paced and constant, but readers are always privy to Silva’s feelings… Blair releases information about the characters and clues almost grudgingly, deftly hinting at possible patterns and interrelations, while completely surprising readers with the final denouement… This intricate and compelling fantasy will pull readers in.

And since it sounds like my son’s nap is over, I’ll go back to neglecting this blog again, until I have more news to share, and time to share it.

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