OLA Super Conference, Elora Writers Festival & First Reviews for Tangled Planet

This blog is overdue an update. Firstly, I have been remiss in not mentioning that I’ll be attending the OLA Super Conference NEXT WEEK (that really crept up on me). I’ll be signing on Friday Feb 2 at  in the Ontario Book Publishers Pavilion from 1.20-1.50pm, and I’ll be wandering around all day, as I’ve always wanted to go to an OLA Super Conference, and this will be my first.

I’m also looking forward to the Elora Writers Festival on Sunday May 6th – I’ve heard wonderful things about this festival, and I’m very excited to be taking part! I’ll talk more about that as it gets a bit closer.

I had a great launch – many people came and indulged me by playing my ‘land a shuttle on Beta’ homemade game.  But now the fun is over. Now we have reached the most terrifying part of any new release. My baby bird of a book is out there, and the first reviews are in.

And they are… rather lovely, actually.

Tangled Planet got a STARRED REVIEW in School Library Journal, which made me do a literal happy dance.

Blair’s world-building is exceptional, immersing readers in the juxtaposition of the exciting unknowns of Beta and the comforting protocols and societal structure on the Venture. Ursa is a fully developed, likable yet flawed character who will push teens to consider if comfort is a worthy sacrifice for the potential greatness of the unknown. A robust cast of secondary characters, each layered with their own motivations, histories, and perspectives, round out the novel and propel its fierce pace. VERDICT A must-have for every library. This sci-fi mystery will be devoured by fans of Beth Revis’s Across the Universe and Veronica Roth’s “Divergent” series.

It was reviewed for Quill and Quire by Helen Kubiw who does fantastic work (among other things) promoting Canadian children’s literature at her blog: CanLit for Little Canadians. She is a total star in the eyes of the entire Canadian Kidlit community.

In this well-plotted and suspenseful novel, Blair not only asks what if there were another planet to colonize but how do humans create anything new and improved when – even with limitless technology and genetic manipulation – they continue to make decisions based on past grievances and resentment, loss and jealousy.

Plus, the amazing Leah Bobet (whose own work I adore) was kind enough to add it to her list of end-of year recommendations at Bakka Phoenix .

Part mystery, part core science fiction, and part a compassionate look at change, anxiety, and what opportunity does to our hearts, Tangled Planet balances adventure, danger, safety, and the places we end up–good and bad both–in trying to keep our loved ones safe.

Breathing a sigh of relief over here.  Like most authors, I’m always afraid that people will viscerally hate my book and chop my hands off to prevent me ever writing again.

Apparently my hands are safe, at least for now.

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