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I have some of these coming up. That and the fact that my book is in libraries and being checked out by people in places I have never heard of makes me far too excited.

Getting published is this thing that you feel in stages, from ‘OMG, a real publisher likes what I wrote’ to ‘There’s a cover! This is a real thing!’ to ‘I have to speak in public! Why on Earth did I think this was a good idea?’

Anyway, here are the events that are currently causing me mild to moderate anxiety. Please do come. My greatest fear is an empty room.

I will be signing books at Indigo at Yonge and Eglinton on Friday February 5th at 7pm. The Facebook event for that is here.

I’ll also be signing at Indigo Oshawa on Sunday February 28th at 2pm.

I’m the interviewee at the hilarious Illusionoid podcast at the Social Capital Theatre on February 24th at 8pm. It’s a wonderful show by a group of ridiculously talented comedians. If you can’t come, please listen. And you don’t have to listen to my episode. I recently binge-listened to four in a row, because they’re so fun. You will be glad to know I am not one of the people who have to be funny.

And on March 16th, I’ll be reading at the Toronto Chiaroscuro Reading Series event at the ROUND venue in Kensington Market at 7.30pm. Chiseries is a fantastic sci-f reading series and two-time nominee for the Aurora Award. They also have an amazing SpecFic Colloquium on March 12 with Margaret Atwood and other wonderful authors. I’ll be a member of the audience there.

I am also available to come and speak to schools. I’ve been working hard on my presentation, based on advice from many of the best authors I know. You can find out more information about my rates and topics from Authors’ Booking Service. I’m a member of the Writer’s Union of Canada, so rates subsidized by them through the Ontario Writers in the Schools program are available.

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