The Magpie’s Library – coming out in 2019!

I have once again completely neglected this blog for far too long. But now I have news to share.

The Magpie’s Library – a middle grade fantasy – is coming out in 2019 with DCB! It’ll be out in Canada in May, and the US in October.  And it has a GORGEOUS cover designed by the amazing Emma Dolan (you really should check out her site, I love all her book covers).


Thirteen-year-old Silva loves her visits to her grandpa’s house on Hayling Island. For Silva and her brother Ollie, the cottage by the sea has always felt like their real home – a comforting, steady presence in a childhood spent moving from place to place. So it’s a shock when they arrive for a visit to find their Grandfather in hospital, confused and frail. The doctor says he has Alzheimer’s, and is only going to get worse.

Silva seeks refuge in the library she’s loved since she was a child, and it’s there that a magpie appears, along with a magical door that only she can see, a door to another library, full of enchanted books which allow her to step into other people’s lives.

But there is something sinister about the magpie’s library. Every time she visits, she leaves feeling a little more broken, a little more disoriented, a little less…herself.

Silva must solve the mysteries of the magpie’s library and save herself and her family before her own soul is sealed in the pages of yet another book in the magpie’s collection.

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