Transferral optioned! French rights sold! Signed with an agent!

So, it’s been an exciting few weeks, and a number of things have fallen into place that I can now talk about.

Firstly, Transferral got optioned! And by Temple Street Productions, no less – makers of the wonderful Orphan Black (if you haven’t watched it, get on that).  Here’s the proper news release:

Transferral Option Announcement

Massive, massive thanks to Barry Jowett, Bryan Jay Ibeas, Kitty Yau, Cormorant and DCB for their amazing work in making that happen.

French rights have also sold, to Les Editions Michel Lafon, so it’ll be coming out in France! I am far too excited about getting a French copy. Am going to try to read it. My French is rather limited, but I think reading a book in French that I wrote will help. Right?

I’ve also signed with an agent – the lovely Lydia Moëd at the Rights Factory (who sold the French rights!).  Here’s my page at their site. Lydia is currently building her list, and is actively seeking marginalized authors over the summer. So if you are looking for an agent and are from an underrepresented group – send her a query. Information on definitions, what she is looking for and how to query here.

Currently working hard on finishing up my next book, so it’s ready for submission, and outlining book 3. Oh, you know, and the full-time day job. And parenting two small children. And volunteering.

And I wonder why I’m so tired…

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