MYRCA 2017 Nomination

I found out on Monday that Transferral has been nominated for a Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Award. And I’m still so happy about it, for three reasons. Firstly – award nomination! Eeee! They like my book! Of course that is beyond exciting. Secondly, the company.  Seriously, look at these books:


The Scorpion Rules was on my post about my favourite books of 2015, and I’ve since read Speechless and We Are All Made of Molecules, and I absolutely loved them! Two more of the books are on my to-read shelf (The Blackthorn Key, which I have heard wonderful things about, and A Pocket Full of Murder, which was recommended to me by E.K. Johnston when we were at Ella Minnow for Authors for Indies last weekend). And several more are on my (absurdly long) to-read list (and a few more will be added). So it’s amazing to see Transferral in such company.

Thirdly and most importantly, I’m excited because the Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Awards is a literary initiative which encourages children to read the books on the list, and then vote on their favourite. So by being nominated, Transferral will be read by many more children. And that’s the whole point really, isn’t it?

By the way, here is my actual to-read-shelf, in case you thought I was making that bit up. I just finished The Lie Tree today (which was incredible), so I get to start a new book now, and it’s going to be a fellow MYRCA 2017 nominee for sure. I still can’t bring myself to read Terry Pratchett’s final book, so that’ll probably stay on the shelf for a while.


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