A Mist of Memories

I have a new book coming out! It’s for young adults, it’s called A Mist of Memories, and it’ll be available in May 2023 with DCB.

Charlotte and her family have always been the only inhabitants on Levay Island, a popular tourist spot. But the island has been closed to the public since Charlotte’s freak accident on the cliffs in May. Her recovery isn’t going well – she hardly has any memories from before the accident, keeps losing hours of time, and is seeing a ghostly woman from the dark myths of her fog-bound island. She doesn’t think she can trust her own mind any more.

On the mainland, Ajay is desperately searching for his friend and crush, Oleander, who disappeared from their seaside town in July, after her father’s suicide and the leaking of a nude photo. When Ajay’s search brings him to the forgotten island of Levay, he and Charlotte must face memories they are desperate to forget and find out who the Lady of Levay is before the legend claims them both.

This book took me far too long to write (four years!), mostly because I was hanging on for dear life with homeschooling and full time work during the pandemic, so I had little time for writing. I’m so proud of myself for getting it written anyway.

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